Software Engineer


About Me

I'm an experienced software developer with 4+ years of work experience in the ever-evolving world of web and mobile app development. My main experience is in Javascript/Typescript with React, React Native, Node.js and Nest.js, which I have refined across a multitude of challenging projects and real-world applications. My commitment to excellence is unwavering and I firmly believe that the journey of a software developer is a continuous learning process. Every day, I dedicate myself to expanding my knowledge, staying at the forefront of technology, and exploring innovative ways to solve complex problems. I thrive on challenges and am driven by a passion for building exceptional software that makes a difference. In a world where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, I remain firm in my commitment to growth, both professional and personal. I'm not just a developer; I am a lifelong learner who sees each day as an opportunity to become better than I was yesterday. My dedication to continuous improvement is my compass, guiding me towards ever greater achievements in the world of software development. If you're looking for a developer who not only brings technical expertise to the table but also embraces growth as a way of life, I'd be honored to reach out and discuss how we can work together on your next project. Let's build the future, one line of code at a time.


Featured Personal Projects

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Technologies I like to use

These are few tools I use more often

Web Development

  • Javascript/Typescript
  • React.js
  • Next13
  • Node.js
  • Nest.js
  • Go

Mobile Development

  • React Native

Game Development

  • Unreal Engine C++ framework
  • Blueprints

Where the applications i help to built were used?

I have worked in projects that people in diferent places in the world used